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Our Dirty White is a dairy-free concoction that strikes a perfect balance between bitter and sweet! Made using our signature espresso partnered with our own specially crafted non-dairy milk.

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Jasmin Cruz

First time to try coffee in a tap style.It is so convenient,The Dirty White Coffee has bold and strong taste even my mom loves it.Will order the other variant next time.

The only DIRTY thing you need!!!!!

LIT-ER-AL-LY the best !! i Enjoy drinking it, I enjoy sharing it with my friends and loved ones and the taste is amazing! I love how its non Dairy and sugar free! What more can you ask for ? I also love the packaging i get excited every time i re-fill my cup and its a conversation piece ! I LOVE YOU KARAF! I LOVE DIRTY WHITE

Joy Sanchez
Most satisfying coffee ever!❤

Karaf coffee is the most satisfying on the go coffee that yoi can ever experience. It is one of my happy pill and I could drink this all day everyday. Dirty white's defined taste with healthy features are perfect for all coffee lovers. I greatly recommend this to everyone, specially on big gatherings or just a good old coffee bonding with friends and family. I did recoommend this to my friends and co-workers and they loved it as well! Gonna bring this to my vacation trip next week, can't wait.❤😊

superb ☕️

I attest that perfectly smooth strong bold taste, achieve na achieve!😍 superb blend indeed ☕️and of course, immediately after being satisfied with the clean balck, have ordered the Dirty White, and I love how the creaminess blends well that didn’t overpower the taste of the beans, all the best to Karaf!! keep passing the tap!

Be the clean black or the dirty white superb! both delivers the fresh taste of that strong clean beans you’d kept craving for.

Perfect Coffee

Perfect coffee for your team’s weekly huddle. ❤️