All about US.

Before starting any endeavour, you have to ask yourself, "why?"

Why create boxes of lovingly crafted coffee? Why is it the coffee on tap? Why is the coffee so good? We have our reasons.

Firstly, the idea behind Karaf Coffee is to solve a common problem that all iced coffee lovers have: “Don’t we all just hate paying for the usual iced coffee cup in the market, which tastes so good at the first few sips only to become bland and watery after the ice has melted down?” 

Our unique coffee boxes help retain the iced coffee’s flavor consistent and intact allowing it to keep up with long conversations. Inside the boxes are special bags made out of high-technology VMPET/PE/NY sheets, which contribute to sustaining the freshness of coffee and keeping both low and high temperatures of coffee for hours in a given typical indoor setting.

Aside from giving our fellow Pinoys a real good coffee to have, Karaf was made with one main purpose, we want you to be enjoying better time with your loved ones, sharing conversations and moments with the people who's been there through your ups and downs. Whether it's an unplanned meet up, or an afternoon snack, we want to be there with you.